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This section consists of other projects that may or may not have been related to our clients. Orange Tie designs is about creativity and excellence, on and off the clock.

  • Couch Illustration

    An Orange couch illustration
  • Porsche Illustration

    A Porsche illustration
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    A Porsche illustration completed for Alan Krimmer's Auto Detailing Inc.
  • Multiplicity

    Photoshop multiples
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    Look closely at these images and you might notice a few clones.
  • Wedding Ring

    Wine Rack design
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    A custom designed wedding ring including a engagement ring and wedding band that wrap around the diamond.
  • Wine Rack

    Wine Rack design
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    A free standing wine rack design that can hold 26 bottles of wine in a relatively small space. We're not sure if that's enough wine.
  • Fall Tree

    Photoshop tree Tree illustration drawn and textured in Photoshop.